Termes et Conditions

Welcome to Jiminy Ticket ( www.Jiminy-Ticket.com ) .


We are limited by the Company Evasion Ltd  Limited,  based on 5 boyan magesnik, Sofia, Bulgaria with Where customers are also referred to as buyers or sellers . This agreement is a contract between Jiminy Ticket and the purchasers, and you have to accept it by using the services we offer, you agree to be bound by the contract. We suggest our users to read the terms and conditions meticulously before purchasing the tickets.

Access To Our Website

The user agrees that he / she is at least 18 years of age. In case you are not 18, please access our platform only after gaining permission from parents, guardians or legal representatives. In order to use our services, you must create an account on our website. We can ask for personal information such as your name, email address, phone number etc., and you agree that all information is correct and up-to-date. A must do not impersonate as any other entity.

It is buyer’s responsibility to keep the username and password safe. We suggest you not to share these sensitive details with anyone. You can change your password by visiting the « Settings » tab in your account. If you suspect that your password has been compromised, please contact us as soon as possible.

You are not allowed to transfer your account to third person. You agree to use the services for personal purposes only. Also, it must be noted that a person can create only one account. We reserve the rights to delete additional accounts anytime at our own discretion.

Service Description

We are a professional platform dedicated to offering an online database where users can find tickets for sporting, cultural or music events. Users can also search any event by name, date or other attributes. The details or photographs associated with the events are as accurate as possible, however we are not liable in case of any error or error. We publish the details for informational purposes only.

As a buyer, you can reserve or buy a ticket for any event that is available. You may submit details such as date, while placing the order. If you’re going to be in the same place, please contact us and we will try to resolve the issue.

Order Terms

Jiminy Tickets may impose a limitation on the number of tickets that may be purchased. You also understand that we will not confirm the order in the box. Confirmation will be confirmed as soon as possible.

Service Terms

Jiminy Tickets makes every effort to allocate adjacent seas to buyers. We will be able to provide you with the information you need, and we will not be happy with you. You understand that if we do not hear back within 4 hours, the order will be maintained, and we will not be able to cancel the order afterwards.

We are sending you to our users electronically, or by posts within 15 days from the date you made a purchase. You understand that these delivery times are indicative and we require additional time in this case. We will inform you in a case of a delayed delivery.

Ticket Cancellation

In the event Jimmy Tickets is unable to provide you with the requested tickets, you will get a full refund. The refund will be deposited in your account within 30 days. We may also offer a special discount of 15% that you can use for a future order.

Event Cancellation

As a user, you understand that Jimmy Tickets will not be responsible in case an event is postponed or cancelled by the event organizers. We will try to inform you as soon as we receive any update about the event. We may issue a new ticket for the next event, or issue a full refund. We will not be held liable in case an event is postponed or cancelled for any reason.

Service Charges

The buyer can view the service charges listed on the Event page. It comprises of the value of ticket as well as the service fee charged by Jiminy Tickets. As a user, you also understand that there are extra charges for order deliveries outside France. We reserve the right to post special offers, or change pricing structure anytime we want. The modified pricing structure will be applied to new orders after the new pricing details are listed.


The user understands that all the payments must be paid up front, and only a legal, valid card is allowed to complete the purchase. The buyer must have appropriate authorisation to make the payment. In the event we suspect that a fraudulent card is used to make a purchase, we reserve the right to decline the purchase and take legal action against the user.

The buyer also understands that the credit card information and other bank details are collected by third party payment processor, and we do not share this sensitive information with others. These details are stored securely on our third party payment processor’s servers.


These terms are applied to the whole duration of the execution of services after an order is placed. If you want to cancel the account, please send us an email and we will cancel your account as long as there is no any order in progress. If the order is in progress, your account will be closed following delivery of your previous order. After an account is closed, we will delete your personal information, and we will not be able to recover the details in the future.

Service Guarantees

We make sure our website functions without any interruptions, however we reserve the rights to suspend the access to our platform temporarily due to the factors out of our control. We will try to notify our users in case we suspend our services. We also try our best to automatically process our users’ data to keep it safe and secure. We have also implemented physical and non-physical methods to support the protection and monitoring of our systems, to protect sensitive information from malicious behavior.


If you have any complaint regarding the services we offer, please send an email to [email address] within 7 days of the order confirmation. We can provide the required compensation, provided Jiminy Tickets find truth in the complaint. In case we need any kind of additional information from you, we will send you an email.

User’s Obligations

The user agrees that the services will be used only for legal purposes. You acknowledge that you will be responsible for the completion of payments (and any taxes that might be associated with the payment).

The Purchaser has complete understanding of the attributes, restrictions and particularly, methods of the ensemble of projected solutions on the website. The Purchaser commits to a stringently individual use only of the services we offer. You agree that you are forbidden from passing all or any specific section of your privileges and commitments outlined in the document to a 3rd party, in any way.

The Purchaser is not allowed to reproduce, duplicate, adjust, in whole or to some extent, the purchased Tickets in any type or approach. Jiminy Tickets might hold the Purchaser accountable in the event of violation of the introduced responsibilities.

Prohibited Behavior

You agree that you will not use the services for fraudulent or illegal activities. We do not allow users to breach the laws and regulations or to perform any damaging activity that could harm our security or integrity. You also agree that you will not resell our services or misuse our tickets in any way.


Jiminy Tickets is committed to providing exceptional services however we are exclusively limited to the deals/ offers provided by the event organizers. We are not liable for any kind of loss/ damage arising out of the services offered on the website. We perform regular checks to ensure proper functionality of the website, so a user might notice temporary difficulties or maintenance errors.

Users also agree that the information posted on our website, which includes but not limited to, logos, graphics, content, images etc. are owned by Jiminy Tickets, and you are not permitted to copy, reproduce, reuse or damage these materials. We reserve the rights to take legal action in the case we suspect that any of these materials have been modified. We also reserve the rights to change our website, or this agreement, anytime we want, so it is your responsibility to visit our terms section regularly.